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Results from Belleville (West)

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Dramatic Duet Acting
1Belleville (West)Hannah Griffin (So.) and Luke Schmidt (So.)
2Belleville (East)Adam McNitt (Sr.) and Aubrey Wiggs (Sr.)
An Infinite Ache
3East St. Louis (Sr.)Tiffany Harris (Jr.) and Ciera Smith (Sr.)
I'm Fine, Really
4WaterlooAlicia Beals (Sr.) and Kristen Eckstadt (Sr.)
A Smell of Burnt Feathers
Dramatic Interpretation
1Belleville (West)Derrick Cooper (Jr.)
Zooman and the Sign
2WaterlooJessi Klein (Sr.)
2.5 Minute Ride
3Belleville (East)Aubrey Wiggs (Sr.)
4Granite CityKeeley Snelson (Sr.)
If I Should Die Before I Wake
4O'FallonStephanie Reavis
Ice Cream for Dinner
Extempore Speaking
1Belleville (West)Joseph Astrouski (Sr.)
2WaterlooDaniel Niemeyer (So.)
3JacksonvilleDavid Clatterbuck (So.)
Humorous Duet Acting
1Belleville (East)Lyndsey Wuller (Sr.) and Sarah Snyder (Sr.)
I Read About My Death in Vogue Magazine
2Belleville (West)Derrick Cooper (Jr.) and Tom Felts (Jr.)
The Adventures of Captain Neato-Man
3WaterlooKatie Sinn (So.) and Jerod Kremling (Sr.)
Open to Interpretation
4Granite CityKristen Swalley (Sr.) and Eric Reed (Jr.)
The Marriage Counselor
Humorous Interpretation
1Belleville (West)Clayton Sanders (Sr.)
The Pagemaster
2Belleville (East)Matthew Decker (Jr.)
Sideways Stories From Wayside School
3WaterlooStephanie Donjon (Sr.)
And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon
4Trenton (Wesclin)Drew Picard (Jr.)
The Complete Works of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged)
4East St. LouisBrittnee Jones (Sr.)
All On Account of a Dog
Impromptu Speaking
1WaterlooStephanie Donjon (Sr.)
2Belleville (West)Joseph Astrouski (Sr.)
3Belleville (East)Lyndsey Wuller (Sr.)
4East St. LouisJacques Anderson (Jr.)
Oratorical Declamation
1Belleville (West)Luke Schmidt (So.)
In Defense of *$##@$%#
2WaterlooJessi Klein (Sr.)
What I Wish I'd Told My Mother
3Belleville (East)Corrine Schwarz (So.)
Attitudes of Gratitude
4Trenton (Wesclin)Erika Boeckmann (Sr.)
Anna Quindlen's Commencement Speech Mount Holy
1Belleville (West)Kara Weisenstein (Jr.)
The Positives of Pessimism
2Belleville (East)Imman Musa (Fr.)
Cultural Diversity
3WaterlooMissy Galati (Jr.)
Beneficial Lifestyle of Vegetarianism
4Belleville (Althoff)Nicholas Potje (Jr.)
The Ethics of the Spitball
Original Comedy
1Belleville (West)Jordan Shavarebi (Jr.)
Wednesday Surprises
2Belleville (East)Kirk Dulin (So.)
Speed Dating
3East St. LouisBreanna Fulton (Jr.)
Three Strikes and a Walk
4O'FallonByron Keller
Performance in the Round
1Belleville (West)Belleville (West)
2Belleville (East)Belleville (East)
4Belleville (Althoff)Belleville (Althoff)
Prose Reading
1Trenton (Wesclin)Whitney Thorpe-Klinsky (Sr.)
1Belleville (West)Brittany Schaefer (Sr.)
3WaterlooNick Wetzler (Sr.)
4O'FallonLori Witherspoon
4Belleville (East)Adam McNitt (Sr.)
Radio Speaking
1Belleville (West)Clayton Sanders (Sr.)
2Belleville (East)Imman Musa (Fr.)
3WaterlooNick Wetzler (Sr.)
Special Occasion Speaking
1Belleville (East)Hannah Sensintaffer (Sr.)
Chicken Soup
2Belleville (West)Monica Simonin (Jr.)
Sleeper Madness
2WaterlooKristen Eckstadt (Sr.)
Let's Not Eat Cake
4East St. LouisRonnie Hammonds (Jr.)
Verse Reading
1Belleville (West)Kara Weisenstein (Jr.)
2Belleville (East)Matthew Decker (Jr.)
3PittsfieldTaylor Sweeting (Jr.)
4WaterlooAlicia Beals (Sr.)

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