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Results from Heyworth

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Dramatic Duet Acting
1LincolnRachel Kasa (Jr.) and Tony Curcuru (Sr.)
Because I Wanted To Say
2Bloomington (H.S.)Colleen Zwanzig (Jr.) and Ryan Marquardt (Sr.)
3HeyworthKatharine Massman (Sr.) and Katherine Guy (Sr.)
4EurekaLisa Roth (Sr.) and Rachel Fogle (So.)
Vengeful Interlude
Dramatic Interpretation
1LincolnRachel Kasa (Sr.)
Sarah's Red
2Bloomington (H.S.)Colleen Zwanzig (Sr.)
Stolen Moments
3HeyworthTena Randall (Jr.)
The Secret Lives of Bees
4EurekaGabriela Santiago (Jr.)
The Insanity of Mary Girard
Extempore Speaking
1HeyworthChristopher German (Sr.)
2LincolnHannah Snyder (Jr.)
3Bloomington (H.S.)Kaitlynn Kelly (So.)
4EurekaNick Franz (Jr.)
Humorous Duet Acting
1LincolnAnnie Sheley (Jr.) and Tony Curcuru (So.)
A Relationship - Abridged
2TremontBen Koch (Sr.) and Kerri Hinman (Sr.)
For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls
3HeyworthColleen Hanten (Sr.) and Ryan Van Winkle (Sr.)
Foul Territory
4Bloomington (H.S.)Marisa Drat (Jr.) and Ryan Marquardt (So.)
How to be a Villain
Humorous Interpretation
1LincolnLindsey Boerma (Sr.)
The Poet and the Rent
2HeyworthRyan Van Winkle (Sr.)
The Philadelphia
3Bloomington (H.S.)Kirsten Leeds (Fr.)
Around the World in a Bad Mood
4TremontMeaghan Van Dyke (So.)
Greater Tuna
Impromptu Speaking
1HeyworthChristopher German (Sr.)
2LincolnHannah Snyder (Jr.)
3Bloomington (H.S.)Madhuri Nishtala (So.)
4WashingtonAngela Lee (Jr.)
Oratorical Declamation
1HeyworthChelsea Wallace (Sr.)
Bring on the Cheesecake
2LincolnAmy Schumacher (Sr.)
So What's So Bad About Being So-So?
3WashingtonAngela Lee (Jr.)
Connecticut College 1995 Address
4Bloomington (H.S.)Cory Williams (Jr.)
America: The Book
1HeyworthChelsea Wallace (Sr.)
A Story Worth Reading
2LincolnJanel Filbeck (So.)
A 'Textbook' Case
3EurekaLisa Roth (Sr.)
Have You Heard?
4WashingtonAlison Bauter (So.)
Fair Trade Chocolate
Original Comedy
1LincolnLindsey Boerma (Sr.)
Let the Games Begin
2TremontKerri Hinman (Sr.)
3Bloomington (H.S.)Hamsika Santanam (So.)
The Perfect Formula
4EurekaGabriela Santiago (Jr.)
How Not to Buy a Computer
Performance in the Round
2Bloomington (H.S.)Bloomington (H.S.)
4Mt. ZionMt. Zion
Prose Reading
1Bloomington (H.S.)Marisa Drat (So.)
2LincolnRuth Ohmart (Sr.)
3HeyworthKatherine Guy (Sr.)
4Chillicothe (Illinois Valley Central)Kelsey Therkildsen (Sr.)
Radio Speaking
1Bloomington (H.S.)John Twork (Sr.)
2LincolnAnnie Sheley (So.)
3EurekaColleen Toliver (Jr.)
4MortonDan Walker (Sr.)
4HeyworthKatie Ferrie (Sr.)
Special Occasion Speaking
1HeyworthCallie Cummings (Jr.)
The Great American Cheese Tale
2LincolnJanel Filbeck (So.)
We're Off...
3EurekaMelissa Reiss (Sr.)
Stop Me If You've Heard This Already!
4Bloomington (H.S.)Ashley Mercier (Jr.)
Faking Your Own Near-Death is So Last Year
4MortonKatie Zdnowski (Jr.)
Verse Reading
1LincolnRuth Ohmart (Sr.)
2HeyworthColleen Hanten (Sr.)
3Bloomington (H.S.)Madhuri Nishtala (So.)
4MetamoraNatalie Thannum (Jr.)

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