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Results from Joliet (Twp.)

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Dramatic Duet Acting
1Coal CityDerek Chapin (Sr.) and Megan Miller (Sr.)
The Best Medicine
2Oswego (H.S.)Lianna Brauweiler (Sr.) and Sarah Watts (Sr.)
Scooter Thomas Makes it to the Top of the World
3YorkvilleLauren Free (Sr.) and Blake Malley (Fr.)
Doubt: A Parable
4MorrisErin Wendell (So.) and Tonya Starnes (So.)
4SandwichJohn Nicholson (Sr.) and Emily Krickl (Sr.)
Still Life
Dramatic Interpretation
1Braidwood (Reed-Custer)Katherine Votta (Sr.)
The Shape of a Girl
2Coal CityStephanie Monroe (Sr.)
3MorrisErin Wendell (So.)
The Guys
4SandwichChristine Botts (Jr.)
Mary and Myra
Extempore Speaking
1Coal CityGrant Mosey (Sr.)
2Braidwood (Reed-Custer)Matt Plese (Jr.)
3MorrisSteve Cichon (Jr.)
4New Lenox (Lincoln-Way Central)Rebecca Mathis (Jr.)
Humorous Duet Acting
1Coal CityDerek Chapin (Sr.) and Becky Gomolka (Jr.)
The Marriage Counselor
2Oswego (H.S.)Emily Bennett (So.) and Michael Leali (So.)
Awkward Silence
3SandwichCaleb Duvick (Sr.) and Jon Skinner (Sr.)
The Under-a-Minutemen Present: Literary Cannon Fodder
4MorrisLilly Terry (Jr.) and Grant Claire (So.)
Awkward Silence
Humorous Interpretation
1Oswego (H.S.)Jessica Orr (Sr.)
Four Little Words
2Braidwood (Reed-Custer)Kimb Phillips (Sr.)
The Adventures of Go-Go Girl Episode #9: Space Vixens with A
3Coal CityJaime Martis (Sr.)
Live From Gooseland
4SandwichMegan Johnson (Jr.)
Impromptu Speaking
1Coal CityGrant Mosey (Sr.)
2Romeoville (H.S.)Eric Vetter (Sr.)
3Joliet (Twp.)John Conterez (Sr.)
4MorrisCaitlyn Butler (So.)
Oratorical Declamation
1Braidwood (Reed-Custer)Kimberly Phillips (Sr.)
The Hardest Job I've Ever Done
2Oswego (H.S.)Michelle Beasley
Shame May Not Be So Bad After All
3MorrisDavid Tabler (Sr.)
Honor and Empathy
4Coal CityDonna Hennessy (Sr.)
The Power of Four
1YorkvilleLauren Free (Sr.)
Majority Rules?
2Oswego (H.S.)Whitney Westphal (Sr.)
Cashing in on Consumerism
3Coal CityDonna Hennessy (Sr.)
Why is Reglion Taboo?
4Braidwood (Reed-Custer)Ray DeBoer (Jr.)
Violence--Work With It
Original Comedy
1YorkvilleMax Hudetz (Sr.)
No, We Are Not There Yet
2Braidwood (Reed-Custer)Lauren Quigley (Sr.)
Genesis (No, Not Sega)
3Plainfield (South)Katie Swajkowski (So.)
The List
4Oswego (H.S.)Jessica Orr (Sr.)
The Interview
4Joliet (Twp.)Andrew Nygard (Sr.)
Harvey Dutchman
Performance in the Round
1Oswego (H.S.)Oswego (H.S.)
Prose Reading
1Oswego (H.S.)Sarah Watts (Sr.)
2Braidwood (Reed-Custer)Bevin Cowie (Sr.)
3Coal CityElizabeth Coslet (Jr.)
4YorkvilleLauren Koper (Sr.)
Radio Speaking
1Braidwood (Reed-Custer)Kathryn DeSalvo (Sr.)
2MorrisDavid Tabler (Sr.)
3YorkvilleEd Petrella (Jr.)
4Oswego (H.S.)Mallory Jones (Sr.)
4Coal CityDave Skaggs (Sr.)
Special Occasion Speaking
1Oswego (H.S.)Mallory Jones (Sr.)
Don't Pop for Perfection
2Braidwood (Reed-Custer)Jake Anderson (Sr.)
Declining Sportsmanship
3Coal CityElizabeth Coslet (Jr.)
The Blackhole of Creativity
4MorrisKelsey Geiger (So.)
Backhanding the Media
Verse Reading
1Oswego (H.S.)Michelle Beasley (Sr.)
2Braidwood (Reed-Custer)Katherine Votta (Sr.)
3SandwichBrenna Keene (Fr.)
3Coal CityMegan Miller (Sr.)
3Plainfield (Central)Ashley Clark (Sr.)

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