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Dramatic Duet Acting
1Bloomington (H.S.)Colleen Zwanzig (Sr.) and Ryan Marquardt (Jr.)
2LincolnRachel Kasa (Jr.) and Tony Curcuru (Sr.)
Because I Wanted To Say
3Bartonville (Limestone)Brandon Chandler (Jr.) and Kelly Kooken (Jr.)
The Exercise
3PekinAndrew Jones (Sr.) and Casey Logsdon (Jr.)
Careless Love
Dramatic Interpretation
1Normal (Community)Natalie Chambers (Sr.)
Lucifer's Child
2Ottawa (Twp.)Andy Robison (Sr.)
The Big C
3Bloomington (H.S.)Colleen Zwanzig (Sr.)
Stolen Moments
Extempore Speaking
1Normal (Community)Amanda Whitehouse (Jr.)
2Peoria (Richwoods)Muhammad Safdari (Sr.)
3HeyworthChristopher German (Sr.)
Humorous Duet Acting
1Normal (University)Will Irvin (Sr.) and Fred Geyer (Sr.)
Soul Survivor
2Normal (Community West)Kelly Brown (Jr.) and Zach Price (Sr.)
Jerry Finnegan's Sister
3LincolnAnnie Sheley (Jr.) and Tony Curcuru (So.)
A Relationship - Abridged
Humorous Interpretation
1HeyworthRyan Van Winkle (Sr.)
The Philadelphia
2LincolnLindsey Boerma (Sr.)
The Poet and the Rent
3PekinAndrew Jones (Sr.)
Soap Opera
Impromptu Speaking
1Normal (Community West)Melissa Clemmons (Sr.)
2HeyworthChristopher German (Sr.)
3LincolnHannah Snyder (Jr.)
Oratorical Declamation
1Normal (Community)Preiyaa Gopinath (Jr.)
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten
2HeyworthChelsea Wallace (Sr.)
Bring on the Cheesecake
3PekinMatt Spialek (Sr.)
The Power of Four
1HeyworthChelsea Wallace (Sr.)
A Story Worth Reading
2LincolnJanel Filbeck (So.)
A Textbook Case
3Peoria (H.S.)Kristen Krofchik (Sr.)
America's Next Ice Age
Original Comedy
1LincolnLindsey Boerma (Sr.)
Let the Games Begin
2Stanford (Olympia)Zach Williams (So.)
Planet Zach
3Normal (Community)Andy Monson (Jr.)
Jack Castle, P.I.
Performance in the Round
1Bloomington (H.S.)Bloomington (H.S.)
2Normal (Community West)Normal (Community West)
Prose Reading
1Peoria (Woodruff)Molly Joyce (Sr.)
2Stanford (Olympia)John Neisler (Sr.)
3Normal (Community)Natalie Chambers (Sr.)
Radio Speaking
1Normal (Community)Preiyaa Gopinath (Jr.)
2LincolnAnnie Sheley (So.)
3EurekaColleen Toliver (Jr.)
Special Occasion Speaking
1PekinMatt Spialek (Sr.)
More Powerful than a Paycheck
2Stanford (Olympia)John Neisler (Sr.)
College Choice Made Easy
3Normal (University)Clayton Sutter (Sr.)
Environmental ADD
Verse Reading
1HeyworthColleen Hanten (Sr.)
2Peoria (Woodruff)Brittany Belt (Sr.)
3LincolnRuth Ohmart (Sr.)

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