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Results from London Mills (Spoon River Valley)

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Dramatic Duet Acting
1GalesburgNick Chivers (Jr.) and Megan Mooney (Sr.)
Song of Lillian
2GeneseoKevin Maynard (Sr.) and Miranda Lipes (Sr.)
3Monmouth RosevilleChristina Bennett (Sr.) and Seth Richardson (Jr.)
Talley's Folly
4UnitedMaddie Eagen (Sr.) and Caiti Tucker (So.)
The Gingerbread Lady
Dramatic Interpretation
1Monmouth RosevilleChristina Honey Bennet (t Sr.)
A Night to Remember
2GeneseoShannon Fox (Fr.)
3Toulon (Stark County)Gini Petty (Jr.)
The Last Flapper
4KewaneeZachary Kuster (So.)
Extempore Speaking
1GalesburgKaushik Srinivasan (Sr.)
2GeneseoEmma Gilmore (Jr.)
3London Mills (Spoon River Valley)Jessica Donnelly (Jr.)
4Monmouth RosevilleFranziska Hothausen (Jr.)
Humorous Duet Acting
1GalesburgEmily Dillard (Sr.) and Katie Dillard (Fr.)
Stop Talking
2London Mills (Spoon River Valley)Sarah Smith (Jr.) and Kevin Mercer (Sr.)
Jerry Finnegan's Sister
3Monmouth RosevilleGina Ray (Sr.) and Jim Fry (Jr.)
Funeral Parlor
4AlWoodAmy Spivey (Sr.) and Lance Nelson (Sr.)
Tourist Attraction
Humorous Interpretation
1GeneseoMiranda Lipes (Sr.)
The Queen of Bingo
2Rock Island (H.S.)Nate Trinrud (Jr.)
3GalesburgKaty Robinson (Jr.)
Self-Defense Against Fresh Fruit
4London Mills (Spoon River Valley)Sarah Smith (Jr.)
Dearly Departed
Impromptu Speaking
1AlWoodKelly Holt (So.)
2GalesburgKaushik Srinivasan (Sr.)
3Monmouth RosevilleSeth Richardson (Jr.)
4Toulon (Stark County)Crystal Abbey (Sr.)
Oratorical Declamation
1Toulon (Stark County)Ana Loane (Sr.)
Showing Off a Little (Inner) Cleavage
2GeneseoKevin Maynard (Sr.)
My Life as a Wife
3GalesburgKaty Robinson (Jr.)
Always Wear Your Sunblock
4Rock Island (H.S.)Sara Maletta (Sr.)
If You Made It Through This Place You Can Do A
1AlWoodSamantha Albrect (So.)
If You Snooze, You Win!
2Monmouth RosevilleShai Gonzales (Fr.)
Domestic Violence
3London Mills (Spoon River Valley)Avery Kellogg (Jr.)
I Speak for the Trees
4GeneseoLauren Schroeder (Fr.)
Open Minded
Original Comedy
1Rock Island (H.S.)Kate Hotle (Sr.)
2GalesburgEmily Dillard (Fr.)
Quoting Movie Lines and True Love
3London Mills (Spoon River Valley)John Neville (Sr.)
Extracurricular Exorcisms
3Toulon (Stark County)Mikel Garrett (Jr.)
The Hot Dog Dream
4Monmouth RosevilleAlayna Millizer (So.)
Test Day Nightmares
4GeneseoHillary Minnaert (Jr.)
If You're Going to San Francisco
Prose Reading
1Rock Island (H.S.)Sara Maletta (Sr.)
2GeneseoKate Langdon (Fr.)
3CarthageZach Sanderson (Jr.)
4YorkwoodBrandon Sichling (Sr.)
Radio Speaking
1GeneseoMark Stevens (Sr.)
2Rock Island (H.S.)Nate Trinrud (Jr.)
3AlWoodAmy Spivey (Sr.)
4GalesburgEvan Holmes (Sr.)
Special Occasion Speaking
1Toulon (Stark County)Ana Loane (Sr.)
Start Spreading the News
2GeneseoRebekah Lillis (Sr.)
Writing More Than an Assignment
3Rock Island (H.S.)Andrew Colgan (Sr.)
The Art of Networking
4London Mills (Spoon River Valley)Sean Thomas (Jr.)
Great Things Come in Small Packages
Verse Reading
1GeneseoHillary Minnaert (Jr.)
2Rock Island (H.S.)Garrett Traylor (Jr.)
3GalesburgKeegan Siebken (Jr.)
4AlWoodKristin DeSutter (So.)

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