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Results from Naperville (Neuqua Valley)

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Dramatic Duet Acting
1Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)Brian Bohr (So.) and Meghan Mitchell (Sr.)
Picture This
2Oswego (East)Liana Alcantara (So.) and Nick Pankuch (So.)
I Bring You Flowers
3Aurora (Waubonsie Valley)Catie Neuman (Sr.) and Jared Hall (Jr.)
Playing By Heart
4Naperville (Central)Clarissa Cruickshank (Sr.) and Katie Blazek (Jr.)
Dramatic Interpretation
1Naperville (Central)Clarissa Cruickshank (Sr.)
2Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)Britain Siebert (So.)
3Aurora (Waubonsie Valley)Emily Sharratt (Sr.)
Anne, Afterward
4Naperville (Neuqua Valley)Jillian Waters (Sr.)
A Manhattan Romance
Extempore Speaking
1Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)Mark Schmidt (So.)
2Naperville (Neuqua Valley)Danielle Gewurz (Sr.)
3Aurora (Illinois Math and Science Academy)Bansi Shah (Sr.)
4Aurora (Waubonsie Valley)Uma Krishnan (Sr.)
Humorous Duet Acting
1Aurora (Waubonsie Valley)Patrick O'Ryan (Sr.) and Tim Lieske (Sr.)
The History of Television, Condensed
2Naperville (Central)Emily Cooper (Jr.) and Tom Kraft (So.)
Open To Interpretation
3Naperville (Neuqua Valley)Courtney Anderson (Jr.) and Jeffrey Herold (So.)
Open To Interpretation
4Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)Brian Bohr (So.) and Meg Sorenson (Sr.)
If I Could Script a Date
4St. Charles (North)Ashley Crimaldi (Sr.) and Frannie Contaldo (Sr.)
Parallel Lives
Humorous Interpretation
1GenevaMeghan LaRocca (Sr.)
London Suite
2Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)Dan Ottolin (So.)
Of Grapes and Nuts
3Naperville (Central)Kevin O'Brien (Jr.)
Frankenstein Unbound
4Oswego (East)Erin Green (Jr.)
The Bible: The Complete Works of God: Abridged
4West Chicago (H.S.)Lisa Daniels (Jr.)
4Naperville (North)Christine Sheu (Jr.)
The Philadelphia
Impromptu Speaking
1Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)Mark Schmidt (So.)
2Aurora (Marmion Academy)Ted Nielsen (Sr.)
3Naperville (Neuqua Valley)Margaret Gibson (Sr.)
4Aurora (Waubonsie Valley)Sarah Mann (Sr.)
4Naperville (Central)Neil Chatterjee (Jr.)
Oratorical Declamation
1Naperville (Central)Katie Dohse (Jr.)
2Aurora (Waubonsie Valley)Anika Shain (Sr.)
On the Decline of the Written Word
3St. Charles (North)Lauren Hall (Sr.)
The Whisper of Aids
4Naperville (Neuqua Valley)Rohit Dhake (Sr.)
In New Orleans, Our Lives Were Defined by Wate
1Aurora (Waubonsie Valley)Uma Krishnan (Sr.)
Bowling for Common Sense
2Naperville (Central)Elise Lippmann (Sr.)
From Reacting to Acting
3Naperville (North)Kristin Hwu (So.)
The Art of Science
4Naperville (Neuqua Valley)Monika Narayen (Sr.)
Must-Cry TV
Original Comedy
1Naperville (Neuqua Valley)Courtney Anderson (So.)
Zoo Tour
2Aurora (Waubonsie Valley)Patrick O'Ryan (Sr.)
Follow the HoboBrick Road
3Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)Ron Moore (Sr.)
What Women Want
4West Chicago (H.S.)Rachel Hellman (Jr.)
Anger-holics Anonymous
Performance in the Round
1Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)
2St. Charles (North)St. Charles (North)
3Naperville (Central)Naperville (Central)
4Naperville (Neuqua Valley)Naperville (Neuqua Valley)
4Aurora (Illinois Math and Science Academy)Aurora (Illinois Math and Science Academy)
Prose Reading
1Naperville (Neuqua Valley)Kristin Nehls (Jr.)
2Naperville (Central)Katie Dohse (Jr.)
3Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)Mary Mangan (So.)
4Aurora (Waubonsie Valley)Anika Shain (Sr.)
Radio Speaking
1Naperville (Neuqua Valley)Monika Narayen (Sr.)
2Naperville (Central)Adrienne Pedersen (Sr.)
3Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)Leah Hendrickson (So.)
4Aurora (Waubonsie Valley)Jared Hall (Jr.)
Special Occasion Speaking
1Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)Gillian Losh (So.)
My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma
2Naperville (Central)Adrienne Pedersen (Sr.)
Put Yourself in a No-Win Situation
3Aurora (Waubonsie Valley)Sarah Mann (Sr.)
AP Does Not Mean Absolute Perfection
4Naperville (Neuqua Valley)Jillian Waters (Sr.)
We Are Family: Scooby Doo, The Brady's and Me
Verse Reading
1Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)Michelle Bikulcius (Sr.)
2Naperville (Neuqua Valley)Healy Rodman (Jr.)
3Oswego (East)Alexis Perkins (So.)
4Aurora (Waubonsie Valley)Catie Neumann (Sr.)

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