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Results from Palos Heights (Shepard)

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Dramatic Duet Acting
1Oak Lawn (Community)Sean Goldrick (Sr.) and Michael O'Sullivan (Sr.)
The Field
2Palos Heights (Shepard)Brittany Knoerzer (So.) and Sean Harrigan (Jr.)
The Mercy Seat
3Orland Park (Sandburg)Dannia Altememei (Sr.) and Anastasia Gilbert (Sr.)
Finding a Chord
4Oak Forest (Andrew)Josh Reid (Sr.) and Jenny Ciesielski (Jr.)
Song of Lilian
Dramatic Interpretation
1Oak Lawn (Community)Patrick Cooper (Sr.)
Stuck in Neutral
2Orland Park (Sandburg)Jim McGuire (Sr.)
Telephone Man
3Palos Heights (Shepard)Brittany Knoerzer (Jr.)
Medea Redux
4Lockport (Twp.)Katy Smithy (Sr.)
When Love brings Pain
Extempore Speaking
1Tinley Park (Andrew)Michael McLean (So.)
2Chicago (Marist)Colleen Smith (Sr.)
3Orland Park (Sandburg)Sam Poulos (Sr.)
4Frankfort (Lincoln-Way East)Jeff O'Brien (So.)
Humorous Duet Acting
1Orland Park (Sandburg)Stan Polit (Sr.) and Angela DeVenuto (Jr.)
Romantic Fools
2Palos Hills (Stagg)Carrie Massura (Sr.) and Zachary Pozulp (Sr.)
Asking Too Much
3Oak Lawn (Community)Julianna Hincks (Sr.) and Sean Goldrick (Sr.)
Maybe Baby Its You - Single White Female
4Tinley Park (Andrew)Melissa Haynes (So.) and Dave Reddy (Jr.)
Beyond Therapy
Humorous Interpretation
1Orland Park (Sandburg)Stan Polit (Sr.)
Winchell Mink: The Misadventure Begins
2Oak Lawn (Community)Antonio Zhiurinskas (Jr.)
3Palos Hills (Stagg)Courtney Everett (Jr.)
Mrs. Bob Cratchit's Wild Christmas Binge
4Chicago (Marist)Kevin Karam (Sr.)
The Glass Mendacity
Impromptu Speaking
1Chicago (Marist)Colleen Smith (Sr.)
2Oak Lawn (Community)Thomas Koegel (Jr.)
3Palos Heights (Shepard)Sarah LaMantia (Sr.)
4Orland Park (Sandburg)Amy Vogelsang (Jr.)
Oratorical Declamation
1Oak Lawn (Community)Kathleen Hudson (Sr.)
The Good Body
2Palos Heights (Shepard)Sean Harrigan (So.)
Getting Serious About Humor
3Orland Park (Sandburg)Jim McGuire (Sr.)
The Dianosis Is...
4Chicago (Marist)Maggie Quinn (Jr.)
Savage Inequalities
1Oak Lawn (Community)Roshan Karingada (Sr.)
Just Keep Swimming
2Orland Park (Sandburg)Maria Doria (Sr.)
True Success
3Frankfort (Lincoln-Way East)Ted Scheel (Jr.)
Bias in the Media
4Palos Heights (Shepard)Paul Robinson Jr. (So.)
Age of Indulgence
Original Comedy
1Oak Lawn (Community)Rachel Rangel (Jr.)
Girl Power
2Orland Park (Sandburg)Nora Nerius (Sr.)
Nora and Gram's Big Adventure
3Palos Heights (Shepard)Paul Robinson Jr (So.)
I Don't Have Multiple Personalities-Neither do I
4Oak Lawn (Richards)Matt Weibel (Jr.)
American Pie
Performance in the Round
1Palos Heights (Shepard)Palos Heights (Shepard)
2Oak Lawn (Community)Oak Lawn (Community)
3Orland Park (Sandburg)Orland Park (Sandburg)
4Oak Lawn (Richards)Oak Lawn (Richards)
Prose Reading
1Orland Park (Sandburg)Elizabeth Ann Sadler (Sr.)
2Oak Lawn (Community)Julianna Hincks (Sr.)
3Palos Heights (Shepard)Brittany Leddy (Jr.)
4Lockport (Twp.)Isabel Garcia (Sr.)
Radio Speaking
1Oak Lawn (Community)David Ford (Jr.)
2Palos Hills (Stagg)Kalea Colletta (Sr.)
3Palos Heights (Shepard)Ryan James (Sr.)
4Orland Park (Sandburg)Mary O'Brien (So.)
Special Occasion Speaking
1Oak Lawn (Community)Nikki Kovacevich (Jr.)
Directionally Handicapped
2Orland Park (Sandburg)Nora Nerius (Sr.)
3Chicago (Marist)Rachel Bykowski (Sr.)
Teacher Shortage Syndrome
4Palos Heights (Shepard)Joe Anderson (Jr.)
Not Another Teen Speech
Verse Reading
1Orland Park (Sandburg)Kathleen Pollock (Sr.)
2Oak Lawn (Community)Patrick Cooper (Sr.)
3Palos Hills (Stagg)Ryan McCarthy (Sr.)
4Palos Heights (Shepard)Brittany Leddy (Jr.)

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