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Results from Paxton (P.-Buckley Loda)

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Dramatic Duet Acting
1Normal (Community)Brady James (Jr.) and Katie Kauffman (So.)
2Normal (Community West)Barbara Harrington (Jr.) and Rebekah Strauss (Sr.)
Collected Stories
3Ottawa (Twp.)Andy Robison (Sr.) and Kara Kozlowski (Sr.)
4SenecaWhitney Rod (Sr.) and Julie Bowker (Sr.)
Trust Me
Dramatic Interpretation
1Normal (Community)Natalie Chambers (Sr.)
Lucifer's Child
2Normal (Community West)Rebekah Strauss (Sr.)
Thirteen Things About Ed Carpolotti
3Ottawa (Twp.)Andy Robison (Sr.)
The Big C
4Normal (University)Mandie Le (Jr.)
Multiple Personality Murder
Extempore Speaking
1Ottawa (Twp.)Matt Venaas (Sr.)
2Normal (Community)Amanda Whitehouse (Jr.)
3Normal (Community West)Ryan Niepagen (Jr.)
4Normal (University)Jessica Byerly (Jr.)
Humorous Duet Acting
1Normal (Community West)Kelly Brown (Jr.) and Zach Price (Sr.)
Jerry Finnegan's Sister
2Normal (University)Will Irvin (Sr.) and Fred Geyer (Sr.)
Soul Survivor
3Normal (Community)Andy Monson (Jr.) and Anthony Harrison (Jr.)
Hidden in this Picture
4Bradley (B.-Bourbonnais)Joe Golwitzer (So.) and David Koch (Fr.)
The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of Where Babies
Humorous Interpretation
1Normal (Community)Anthony Harrison (Jr.)
Young Frankenstein
2Normal (University)Will Irvin (Sr.)
Santaland Diaries
3Normal (Community West)Zach Price (Sr.)
Tuna Christmas
4Ottawa (Twp.)Christina Eltrevoog (So.)
For Whom The Southern Belle Tolls
Impromptu Speaking
1Bradley (B.-Bourbonnais)Adam Joines (Sr.)
2Normal (Community West)Melissa Clemmons (Sr.)
3Normal (Community)Halie Belz (Jr.)
4Bloomington (Central Catholic)Sara Schmitt (Jr.)
Oratorical Declamation
1Normal (Community)Preiyaa Gopinath (Jr.)
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten
2Bradley (B.-Bourbonnais)Adam Joines (Sr.)
A Test of Faith
3Normal (University)Sarah Berg (Sr.)
Commencement Address to Wellsley College
4Normal (Community West)Mariam Amr (Jr.)
And One More Thing Before You Go
1Normal (Community West)Melissa Clemmons (Sr.)
High Heeled Hysteria
2Ottawa (Twp.)Jon Ragsdale (Sr.)
Ethics in America
3Normal (Community)Jing Jing Zhang (Jr.)
Happiness For Health
4Normal (University)Sarah Morris (Jr.)
Find a Balance
Original Comedy
1Normal (University)Clayton Sutter (Sr.)
May the Force Be With Me
2Normal (Community)Andy Monson (Jr.)
Jack Castle, P.I.
3HerscherSteve Suess (Sr.)
The Real Beowulf
4SenecaWhitney Rod (Sr.)
Ya Ya's Yoga
Performance in the Round
1Normal (Community West)Normal (Community West)
Prose Reading
1Normal (Community)Natalie Chambers (Sr.)
2Normal (Community West)Barbara Harrington (Jr.)
3Ottawa (Twp.)Joelle Smith (So.)
4Normal (University)Michael Quarton (So.)
Radio Speaking
1Normal (Community)Preiyaa Gopinath (Jr.)
2Normal (Community West)Mariam Amr (Jr.)
3Ottawa (Twp.)Colin Martyn (Sr.)
4Normal (University)Laurel White (Sr.)
Special Occasion Speaking
1Normal (University)Clayton Sutter (Sr.)
Environmental ADD
2Normal (Community)Amanda Whitehouse (Jr.)
Incorrectly Assuming You Care
3Ottawa (Twp.)Elyse Eilts (Sr.)
People to People to Root Beer: A True Story
4Normal (Community West)Kelly Brown (Jr.)
SS Friendship
Verse Reading
1Ottawa (Twp.)Jeremy Behrens (Sr.)
2Normal (Community West)Jessica Showers (Sr.)
3Normal (University)Mandie Le (Jr.)
4Normal (Community)Brenden Christensen (So.)

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