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Results from Pearl City

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Dramatic Duet Acting
1Pearl CityBrandon Falk (Sr.) and Tanner Clenney (Sr.)
A Handfull of Stars
2Freeport (H.S.)Andrew Golz (Sr.) and Leslie Eiler (So.)
3Lena (L.-Winslow)Jordan Liles (So.) and Deanna Bonnet (Sr.)
I'm Not Stupid
4Sterling (H.S.)Connor Price (Jr.) and Madison Henry (Fr.)
Burning Down the House
Dramatic Interpretation
1Pearl CityAnna Ruch (Sr.)
2Sterling (H.S.)Erika Lecaj (Jr.)
Medea Redux
3Freeport (H.S.)Jared Boyer (Sr.)
The Pillowman
4Rock FallsAndrew Burke (Sr.)
Bein' Crazy
Extempore Speaking
1Freeport (H.S.)Nick Hoeft (Sr.)
2Pearl CityWilliam Miller (So.)
3Fulton (H.S.)Amy Damhoff (Sr.)
4Sterling (H.S.)Amanda Beveroth (So.)
Humorous Duet Acting
1Freeport (H.S.)Jacob Raupp (Sr.) and Jared Boyer (Jr.)
Literary Canon Fodder
2Pearl CityWill Freidhof (Sr.) and Luke Sheffey (Sr.)
Green Grow the Lilacs
3Rock FallsAndrew Burke (Sr.) and Eric Ports (Sr.)
The Battle of Brown and Whitmore
4Sterling (H.S.)Connor Price (Jr.) and Lindsay Sturch (Jr.)
Housing To Share
Humorous Interpretation
1Freeport (H.S.)Jacob Raupp (Jr.)
Mrs. Bob Cratchit's Wild Christmas Binge
2Fulton (H.S.)Matt Appuhn (Sr.)
3Pearl CityBrady Mahoney (So.)
Degas C'est Moi
4Sterling (H.S.)Rachel Kramer (Jr.)
Making Nice
Impromptu Speaking
1Freeport (H.S.)Cole Krum (Sr.)
2Lena (L.-Winslow)Jason Heinrich (Sr.)
3Port Byron (Riverdale)Zach Neels (Sr.)
4Rock Island (Alleman)James Schmidt (Sr.)
Oratorical Declamation
1Freeport (H.S.)Kayla Kluck (Sr.)
The Other America
2Sterling (H.S.)Ritu Gopal (Sr.)
This I Know
3Hanover (River Ridge)Amanda Bingham (Jr.)
Heroes or Losers, The Choice is Yours
4Port Byron (Riverdale)Nicholas Waldbusser (Sr.)
Power of Four
1Pearl CityBrandon Falk (Sr.)
Walking on Eggshells
2Port Byron (Riverdale)Abby Boardman (So.)
Adoption and Foster Care
3Hanover (River Ridge)Amanda Bingham (Jr.)
A Sentence to Fit the Crime
4Freeport (H.S.)Adam Moderow (Sr.)
Declining Thinking Skills
Original Comedy
1Port Byron (Riverdale)Zach Neels (Sr.)
U.S.S. Enterprise - Straight to the Heart
2Freeport (H.S.)Andrew Golz (Sr.)
My Life in The Circus
3Pearl CityJoseph Cruse (Sr.)
Flying the Friendly Skies?
4Hanover (River Ridge)Megan Francomb (So.)
Wish I May
Performance in the Round
1Lena (L.-Winslow)Lena (L.-Winslow)
2Pearl CityPearl City
3Freeport (H.S.)Freeport (H.S.)
4Sterling (H.S.)Sterling (H.S.)
Prose Reading
1Pearl CityAnna Ruch (Sr.)
2Freeport (H.S.)Leslie Eiler (So.)
3Galena (H.S.)Sara Belger (Sr.)
4Lena (L.-Winslow)Jordan Liles (So.)
Radio Speaking
1Pearl CityKatie Quittschreiber (Sr.)
2Freeport (H.S.)Cole Krum (Sr.)
3East Moline (United)Hannah Decker (Sr.)
4Fulton (H.S.)Matt Appuhn (Sr.)
Special Occasion Speaking
1Freeport (H.S.)Joe Schemel (Sr.)
What's Mine is Yours
2Pearl CityAlli Williams (Sr.)
A necessary four letter word
3Port Byron (Riverdale)Brian Potter (Jr.)
Unpreparedness, A Disaster
4Sterling (H.S.)Sarah Giroux (Fr.)
The Changes and Pressure of Entering High School
4Fulton (H.S.)Sarah Juist (Jr.)
Total Insanity
Verse Reading
1Pearl CityAlli Williams (Sr.)
2Freeport (H.S.)Libby Brubaker (So.)
3Sterling (H.S.)Charlotte Downes (Sr.)
4Lena (L.-Winslow)Jamie Rogers (Sr.)

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