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Results from Stanford (Olympia)

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Dramatic Duet Acting
1Stanford (Olympia)Jon Biever (Jr.) and Leah Bauersfeld (Jr.)
A Doll's House
2PekinAndrew Jones (Sr.) and Casey Logsdon (Jr.)
Careless Love
3Bartonville (Limestone)Brandon Chandler (Jr.) and Kelly Kooken (Jr.)
The Exercise
4Peoria (Manual)Elyse Menke (So.) and Jill Tockes (So.)
Vengeful Interlude
Dramatic Interpretation
1Peoria (H.S.)Jerrica Thomas (Jr.)
Mother's Day
2PekinDanielle Strode (Sr.)
The Pink Slip
3Peoria (Richwoods)Elizabeth Voorhees (Jr.)
Kissing Doorknobs
4Bartonville (Limestone)Theresa Sanders (Fr.)
The Exonerated
Extempore Speaking
1PekinKlint Cone (Sr.)
2Peoria (Richwoods)Muhammad Safdari (Sr.)
3Bartonville (Limestone)Thomas Winchester (Jr.)
4Stanford (Olympia)Rachel Park (Fr.)
Humorous Duet Acting
1DunlapAlex Shelton (Sr.) and Kyle Tuor (Sr.)
Four years, Three Rings
2PekinAndrew Scott (Sr.) and Rikki Burgess (Jr.)
Expecting Isabel
3Stanford (Olympia)Sarah Lyle (Jr.) and Steven White (Jr.)
A Timely Maneuver
4Peoria (H.S.)Brandes Cayson (Jr.) and Mercedes Wheeler (So.)
Laughing Wild
Humorous Interpretation
1Bartonville (Limestone)Shayanna Jacobs (Jr.)
Titanic Screenplay
2PekinAndy Jones (Sr.)
Soap Opera
3Stanford (Olympia)Sarah Lyle (Jr.)
The Perils of Lulu
4Peoria (H.S.)Mercedes Wheeler (So.)
Wanda's Visit
Impromptu Speaking
1PekinKlint Cone (Sr.)
2Peoria (Richwoods)Muhammad Safdari (Sr.)
3Bartonville (Limestone)Thomas Winchester (Jr.)
4Stanford (Olympia)Rachel Park (Fr.)
Oratorical Declamation
1Peoria (H.S.)Kristen Krofchik (Sr.)
The Future is Now
2Stanford (Olympia)Rachel Thomas (Sr.)
Standardized Testing and Its Victims
3PekinMatt Spialek (Sr.)
The Power of Four
4Bartonville (Limestone)Lacey Gonzalez
Acceptance Speech . . . Newberry Medal
4Peoria (Richwoods)Alfred Wang (Jr.)
The Newspapers Only Tell Half the Story
1Stanford (Olympia)Leah Bauersfeld (Jr.)
Only the Children Weep
2Peoria (H.S.)Kristen Krofchik (Sr.)
America's Next Ice Age
3PekinElizabeth Adkison (Sr.)
A Message of Understanding
4Peoria (Richwoods)Kelsey Antle (Sr.)
Cycnics of the World Disband
Original Comedy
1PekinAtif Chughtai (Jr.)
Ghandi Helps the Geek
2Peoria (Woodruff)Dean Beever (Sr.)
Mr. Beever Goes to Washington
3Stanford (Olympia)Zach Williams (So.)
Planet Zach
4Peoria (Richwoods)Micheal Womacher (Fr.)
Job Possibilities
Performance in the Round
1Stanford (Olympia)Stanford (Olympia)
Prose Reading
1Peoria (Woodruff)Molly Joyce (Sr.)
2PekinAndrew Scott (Jr.)
3Peoria (Richwoods)Benjamin Small (Sr.)
4Stanford (Olympia)John Neisler (Sr.)
Radio Speaking
1Bartonville (Limestone)Anne Heien (Jr.)
2Peoria (Woodruff)Mitch Bussone (Sr.)
3Peoria (Richwoods)Emily Hardy (Jr.)
4PekinEmily Leitner (Jr.)
4Stanford (Olympia)Maggie Camden (So.)
Special Occasion Speaking
1Stanford (Olympia)John Neisler (Sr.)
College Choice Made Easy
2PekinMatt Spialek (Sr.)
More Powerful than a Paycheck
3Bartonville (Limestone)Sarah Mason (Sr.)
Twixter Epidemic
4DunlapNick Davis
Procrastination Temptation
4Peoria (Richwoods)Errika Johnson (Sr.)
Check Yo Self
Verse Reading
1Peoria (Richwoods)Benjamin Small (Sr.)
2Peoria (Woodruff)Brittany Belt (Sr.)
3PekinDanielle Strode (Sr.)
4Stanford (Olympia)Jon Biever (Jr.)

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