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Dramatic Duet Acting
1HarrisburgAngie Morris (Sr.) and Blake Sirach (Sr.)
Therac 25
2Belleville (West)Hannah Griffin (So.) and Luke Schmidt (So.)
3Chatham (Glenwood)Whitney Evans (Sr.) and Kelsey Hall (Jr.)
The Insanity of Mary Girard
Dramatic Interpretation
1Belleville (West)Derrick Cooper (Jr.)
zooman & the sign
2HarrisburgAngie Morris (Sr.)
3CarbondaleEmily Dennis (Sr.)
Medea Redux
Extempore Speaking
1HarrisburgMichael Abdo (Sr.)
2CarbondaleMohona Paul (Jr.)
3Belleville (West)Joseph Astrouski (Sr.)
Humorous Duet Acting
1Belleville (West)Derrick Cooper (Jr.) and Tom Felts (Jr.)
The Adventures of Captain Neato-Man
2Chatham (Glenwood)Melissa Pappas (Sr.) and Emily Ramey (Sr.)
The Odd Couple
3BentonMatt Howard (Jr.) and Rob Bartoni (So.)
The Big Bang
Humorous Interpretation
1Chatham (Glenwood)Becca Koe (Sr.)
'Hamlet II: Better Than the Original'
2CarbondaleBen Ponce (Sr.)
Business Lunch at the Russian Tea Room
3Belleville (West)Clayton Sanders (Sr.)
The Pagemaster
Impromptu Speaking
1CarbondaleElizabeth Hammon (Jr.)
2Belleville (West)Joseph Astrouski (Sr.)
3HarrisburgAdam West (Sr.)
Oratorical Declamation
1BentonMichelle Edwards (Sr.)
10 Ways to Avoid Mucking Up the World
2CharlestonNick Niemerg (Jr.)
I Could Have Died
3Belleville (West)Luke Schmidt (So.)
In Defense of *$##@$%#
1CharlestonCorey Schultz (Sr.)
Different Strokes
2Belleville (West)Kara Weisenstein (Jr.)
The Positives of Pessimism
3Belleville (East)Imman Musa (Fr.)
Cultural Diversity
3HarrisburgAdam West (Sr.)
Generation Rx
Original Comedy
1BentonJustin Kimball (Sr.)
Growing Up Kimball
2Belleville (West)Jordan Shavarebi (Jr.)
Wednesday Surprises
3Champaign (Centennial)Jordan Taylor (Sr.)
'Free Jordan Taylor'
Performance in the Round
1Belleville (West)Belleville (West)
2Belleville (Althoff)Belleville (Althoff)
Prose Reading
1DuQuoin (H.S.)Dillon Heape (Jr.)
2CharlestonBen Leddy (Jr.)
3HarrisburgCasey Bishop (Sr.)
Radio Speaking
1Belleville (West)Clayton Sanders (Sr.)
2Johnston CityKaitie Kee (Sr.)
3CarbondaleEmily Hughes (Jr.)
Special Occasion Speaking
1CarbondaleNathan Lee (Sr.)
Are You Listening?
1Champaign (Centennial)Snigdha Alur (Sr.)
Teaching Technology to Teac
1HarrisburgBlake Sirach (Sr.)
In Therapy We Trust
Verse Reading
1CarbondaleBen Ponce (Sr.)
2CharlestonCorey Schultz (Sr.)
3Belleville (West)Kara Weisenstein (Jr.)

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