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Results from Chatham (Glenwood)

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Dramatic Duet Acting
1Chatham (Glenwood)Whitney Evans (Sr.) and Kelsey Hall (Jr.)
The Insanity of Mary Girard
2CharlestonAndy Hudson (So.) and Kari Walden (So.)
Lou Gehrig Did Not Die of Cancer
3Macomb High SchoolThomas Drea (Sr.) and Michelle Detrick (Sr.)
The Crucible
4Sacred Heart Griffin High SchoolJonathan D'Ambra (Jr.) and Niehaus (So.)
I Never Saw Another Butterfly
4Meridian High SchoolSarah Tolladay (So.) and Becca VonBehren (Jr.)
4Champaign (Centennial)Elizabeth Pritchard (So.) and Kendra Yagow (Sr.)
Dramatic Interpretation
1Chatham (Glenwood)Jen Meyer (Sr.)
The Lovely Bones
2CharlestonKaitlin Lampley (So.)
Final Placement
3West Central High SchoolAlyssa Griepentrog (So.)
Day of Tears
4Macomb High SchoolStacy Fosu (Jr.)
The Last Goodbye
Extempore Speaking
1Chatham (Glenwood)Maggie Bondi (Jr.)
2CharlestonAndy Hudson (So.)
3Champaign (Centennial)Evelyn Huang (Sr.)
4Champaign CentralStephanie Yousef (So.)
Humorous Duet Acting
1Chatham (Glenwood)Melissa Pappas (Sr.) and Emily Ramey (Sr.)
The Odd Couple
2CharlestonNick Niemerg (Jr.) and Beck Baird (Jr.)
This History of Television: Condensed
3Champaign (Centennial)Hilary Pope (Jr.) and Greg Schweitzer (Jr.)
4Sacred Heart Griffin High SchoolJoshua Kugler (So.) and Sarah Reid (So.)
Jerry Finnigan's Sister
Humorous Interpretation
1Chatham (Glenwood)Becca Koe (Sr.)
Hamlet II: Better Than the Original
2CharlestonBen Leddy (Jr.)
Fully Committed
3Champaign (Centennial)Maggie Strong (Jr.)
4Rochester High SchoolAlex Murer (Fr.)
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown
Impromptu Speaking
1Chatham (Glenwood)Maggie Bondi (Jr.)
2CharlestonZoe Corso (Fr.)
3Rochester High SchoolAnna Czapar (So.)
4Champaign (Centennial)Max Schoenoff (Sr.)
Oratorical Declamation
1CharlestonNick Niemerg (Jr.)
I Could Have Died
2Champaign (Centennial)Bhargav Nookala (Jr.)
The Next Generation
3Chatham (Glenwood)Rick Halford (Jr.)
Reid: 'I am at war with your country'
4Sacred Heart Griffin High SchoolMichael Feller (So.)
Winter Olympics
1CharlestonCorey Schultz (Sr.)
Different Strokes
2Lewistown High SchoolHannah Kline (Jr.)
How Well Do You Read
3West Central High SchoolAlyssa Griepentrog (So.)
4Champaign (Centennial)Hae In Yoo (Sr.)
Make A Difference: Recycle
Original Comedy
1CharlestonDavid Giffin (Sr.)
Apocalypse How?
2Champaign (Centennial)Jordan Taylor (Sr.)
Free Jordan Taylor
3Chatham (Glenwood)Becca Koe (Sr.)
Cupid Training Camp
4West Central High SchoolChase Gray (Sr.)
The Search for College
Performance in the Round
Prose Reading
1CharlestonBen Leddy (Jr.)
2Chatham (Glenwood)Jen Meyer (Sr.)
3Champaign (Centennial)Insiya Joher (Sr.)
4Lewistown High SchoolHannah Kline (Jr.)
Radio Speaking
1Champaign (Centennial)Seth Ketler (Sr.)
2Rochester High SchoolEdward Van Bogaert (Jr.)
3CharlestonBecky Baird (Jr.)
4Champaign CentralNada Youssef (Jr.)
Special Occasion Speaking
1CharlestonDavid Giffin (Sr.)
Experiencing a Higher Standard
2Champaign (Centennial)Snigdha Alur (Sr.)
Teaching Technology to Teac
3Chatham (Glenwood)Ashton Hogan (So.)
US is counting on YOU
4West Central High SchoolJessica Saldeen (So.)
Our Past and Future Inte
Verse Reading
1CharlestonCorey Schultz (Sr.)
2Champaign (Centennial)Bryan Mendes (Sr.)
3Chatham (Glenwood)Rachael Hoffman (Sr.)
4Rochester High SchoolSarah Arnish (Sr.)

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