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Dramatic Duet Acting
1DeKalbBrian Barrow (Sr.) and Stephanie Irving (Jr.)
Days of Wine and Roses
2ByronAndrea Woodworth (Sr.) and Ryan Bartscher (Sr.)
3RochelleMegan Goodrich (Sr.) and Eric Rolon (Sr.)
Two Rooms
4HuntleyAaron Agustin (Jr.) and Laura Bien (Jr.)
The Man Who Couldn't Dance
Dramatic Interpretation
1DeKalbStephanie Irving (Jr.)
The Shape of a Girl
2ByronAndrea Woodworth (Sr.)
Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood
3Crystal Lake (South)Jennifer Nelson (Sr.)
4HuntleyKim McKeown (Sr.)
Manhattan Romance
Extempore Speaking
1RochelleKyle Hansen (Jr.)
2Crystal Lake (South)Lindsay Baranowski (So.)
3DeKalbClayton Shive (Sr.)
4HuntleyJake Sanches (Jr.)
Humorous Duet Acting
1DeKalbPeter Lindsey (Jr.) and Lauren Williams (Sr.)
Western Civilization: The Complete Musical (abridged)
2RochelleGreg Merema (So.) and Ivy Pemberton (Sr.)
Funeral Parlor
3Crystal Lake (South)Richard Palys (So.) and Stephen Oliveri (Jr.)
Life In the Theatre
4HuntleySamantha Williams (Sr.) and Samy Shellhamer (Sr.)
Humorous Interpretation
1DeKalbAl Goehring (Sr.)
Mrs. Bob Cratchit's Wild Christmas Binge
2HuntleyAaron Agustin (Jr.)
3RochelleBritt Anderson (Jr.)
The Actor's Nightmare
4ByronBen Armstrong (Sr.)
For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls
4Crystal Lake (South)Gregory Palys (Sr.)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
Impromptu Speaking
1ByronWhitney Barlow (Jr.)
2DeKalbAngela Moloney (Sr.)
3RochelleKyle Hansen (Jr.)
4HuntleyStephanie Ross (Sr.)
Oratorical Declamation
1HuntleyKim McKeown (Sr.)
Take your Time
2DeKalbKadie Threloff (Sr.)
The Young Have To Be There
3Rockton (Hononegah)Rebecca Templeton (Sr.)
Almost Not Quite
4RochelleRisa Holderness (Jr.)
Mirror, Mirror: Seeing Yourself as Others See
1DeKalbElizabeth Beldon (Sr.)
Honestly now...
2ByronWhitney Barlow (Jr.)
Reach for the Stars ... Don't Strangle Them
3SycamoreDan Emmons (Jr.)
Game Theory
4RochelleSarah Adams (Jr.)
A Travesty in Our Own Backyard
Original Comedy
1DeKalbPeter Lindsey (Jr.)
The Lament of the Average Joe
2HuntleyChelsee Barden (Jr.)
What Not to do@the DMV
3RochelleGreg Merema (Sr.)
Not Another Chosen One!
4ByronTrent Eisfeller (Fr.)
Liftoff to a Saturday
Performance in the Round
Prose Reading
1DeKalbGeorgia Hill (Jr.)
2ByronKelsey Wild (So.)
3HuntleyAlicia Duddy (Jr.)
4RochelleIvy Pemberton (So.)
Radio Speaking
1DeKalbHolden Wilson (Jr.)
2SycamoreDan Emmons (Jr.)
3HuntleyJessica Runge (So.)
4RochelleCarol Anderson (Fr.)
Special Occasion Speaking
1DeKalbJeanine Larson (Jr.)
It's All About Me
2RochelleBritt Anderson (Jr.)
The Clique Mystique
3ByronStacy Preis (Sr.)
I Have to Do What In Front of Whom?
4Rockton (Hononegah)Rebecca Templeton (Sr.)
So You Think You Have Problems
Verse Reading
1ByronRyan Bartscher (Sr.)
2DeKalbBrian Barrow (Sr.)
3HuntleyCathy Gilpin (Sr.)
4RochelleJessica Whalen (Fr.)

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