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2006 state qualifiers

Below, you will find a list of all the state qualifiers for 2006. On this page, you can also see where they placed in their respective regional and sectional tournament. You can also click on a team name or competitor name to view more information on that competitor.

Dramatic Duet Acting
Dramatic Interpretation
Extempore Speaking
Humorous Duet Acting
Humorous Interpretation
Impromptu Speaking
Oratorical Declamation
Original Comedy
Performance in the Round
Prose Reading
Radio Speaking
Special Occasion Speaking
Verse Reading

Dramatic Duet Acting

Team Competitor(s) Reg. Sec.
Bartonville (Limestone) Brandon Chandler and Kelly Kooken 3 3
Belleville (West) Hannah Griffin and Luke Schmidt 1 2
Bloomington (H.S.) Colleen Zwanzig and Ryan Marquardt 2 1
Byron Andrea Woodworth and Ryan Bartscher 2 1
Chatham (Glenwood) Kelsey Hall and Whitney Evans 1 3
Chicago Heights (Marian) Alex Stoterau and Craig Dettmann 4 2
DeKalb Brian Barrow and Stephanie Irving 1 3
Dolton (Thornridge) Donna Carroll and Nicole Dandridge 2 3
Downers Grove South Liz Adamski and Meghan Deady 1 2
Franklin Park-Northlake (Leyden) Brett Emanual and Tim Oravec 2 1
Glenview (Glenbrook South) Colleen Skemp and Ryan Fuss 1 1
Gurnee (Warren) Lisa Morton and Matt Kaufmann 2 2
Harrisburg Angie Morris and Blake Sirach 2 1
Hinsdale Central Ariana Dziedzic and Brian Johannesen 2 3
Lincoln Rachel Kasa and Tony Curcuru 1 2
Pearl City Brandon Falk and Tanner Clenney 1 2
Pekin Andrew Jones and Casey Logsdon 2 3
Wheaton (North) Aly Obert and Becca Ross 1 3
Wheaton (W. Warrenville South) Brian Bohr and Meghan Mitchell 1 1

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Dramatic Interpretation

Belleville (West)Derrick Cooper11
Bloomington (H.S.)Colleen Zwanzig23
CarbondaleEmily Dennis33
Dolton (Thornridge)Donna Carroll21
Downers Grove SouthTara Smith11
Freeport (H.S.)Jared Boyer32
Glenview (Glenbrook South)Robert Whittley11
Gurnee (Warren)Amanda Villarreal12
HarrisburgAngie Morris22
Hoffman Estates (H.S.)Maureen Brothman33
Naperville (Neuqua Valley)Jillian Waters43
Normal (Community)Natalie Chambers11
Oak Lawn (Community)Patrick Cooper12
Orland Park (Sandburg)Jim McGuire22
Ottawa (Twp.)Andy Robison32
Pearl CityAnna Ruch11
Sterling (H.S.)Erika Lecaj22
Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)Britain Siebert22
YorkKate Cobb33

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Extempore Speaking

Aurora (Illinois Math and Science Academy)Bansi Shah33
Belleville (West)Joseph Astrouski13
CarbondaleMohona Paul12
Chicago (Marist)Colleen Smith21
Chicago Heights (Marian)Andrew Schramm13
Coal CityGrant Mosey12
DeKalbClayton Shive32
Freeport (H.S.)Nick Hoeft11
Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)Nate Wheatley22
Gurnee (Warren)Neel Chemburkar13
HarrisburgMichael Abdo21
HeyworthChristopher German13
Normal (Community)Amanda Whitehouse21
Peoria (Richwoods)Muhammad Safdari22
RochelleKyle Hansen13
Tinley Park (Andrew)Michael McLean12
Wheaton (North)Tom Seewald11
Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)Mark Schmidt11

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Humorous Duet Acting

Belleville (West)Derrick Cooper and Tom Felts11
BentonMatt Howard and Rob Bartoni13
Chatham (Glenwood)Emily Ramey and Melissa Pappas12
Chicago Heights (Marian)Jean-Phillip Brignol and Vanessa Brignol32
DeKalbLauren Williams and Peter Lindsey12
Downers Grove SouthJames Courtney and Meghan Deady23
Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)Cameron Moseberry and Jeff Schilling13
Freeport (H.S.)Jacob Raupp and Jared Boyer11
Gurnee (Warren)Charlie Johnson and Jamie Griffiths23
Harvey (Thornton)LaRoyce Hawkins and Marketta Wilder21
Hinsdale CentralAriana Dziedzic and Peter Parsons21
LincolnAnnie Sheley and Tony Curcuru13
London Mills (Spoon River Valley)Kevin Mercer and Sarah Smith23
Normal (Community West)Kelly Brown and Zach Price12
Normal (University)Fred Geyer and Will Irvin21
Palatine (Fremd)Kathy Chung and Lisa Ridarelli31
Wheaton (North)Conor McSweeney and Mike Movido12
YorkSam Moore and Tim Scott32

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Humorous Interpretation

Belleville (West)Clayton Sanders13
CarbondaleBen Ponce32
Chatham (Glenwood)Becca Koe11
Chicago Heights (Marian)Matthew Nix32
DeKalbAl Goehring11
Dolton (Thornridge)Andre Findley43
Downers Grove SouthEileen Schroeder11
Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)Michelle Toulouse32
Glenview (Glenbrook South)John Splithoff22
Gurnee (Warren)Lisa Morton22
HeyworthRyan Van Winkle31
Hinsdale CentralPeter Smith22
LincolnLindsey Boerma12
Orland Park (Sandburg)Stan Polit11
PekinAndrew Jones23
RochelleBritt Anderson33
Rock Island (H.S.)Nate Trinrud22
Wheaton (North)Alex DeCamp11
Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)Dan Ottolin23

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Impromptu Speaking

Belleville (West)Joseph Astrouski12
ByronWhitney Barlow13
CarbondaleElizabeth Hammon31
Chicago (Marist)Colleen Smith22
Chicago Heights (Marian)Andrew Schramm13
Coal CityGrant Mosey12
DeKalbAngela Moloney21
Freeport (H.S.)Cole Krum13
Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)Nate Wheatley21
HarrisburgAdam West13
HeyworthChristopher German12
HuntleyStephanie Ross43
LincolnHannah Snyder23
Naperville (Central)Neil Chatterjee43
Normal (Community West)Melissa Clemmons21
North ChicagoJoey Philipp32
Oak Park (O.P.-River Forest)Elizabeth Dengel11
Orland Park (Sandburg)Amy Vogelsang43
Park Ridge (Maine South)Melissa Hansen23
Rock Island (Alleman)James Schmidt42
Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)Mark Schmidt11

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Oratorical Declamation

Team Competitor(s) Reg. Sec.
Belleville (West) Luke Schmidt 1 3
Benton Michelle Edwards 2 1
Charleston Nick Niemerg 2 2
Chicago Heights (Marian) Vanessa Brignol 3 3
DeKalb Kadie Threloff 2 1
Downers Grove South Adam Tanguay 1 1
Freeport (H.S.) Kayla Kluck 1 2
Glenview (Glenbrook South) Robert Whittley 1 1
Gurnee (Warren) Riya Raju 2 3
Heyworth Chelsea Wallace 1 2
Naperville (Central) Katie Dohse 1 2
Naperville (Neuqua Valley) Rohit Dhake 4 3
Normal (Community) Preiyaa Gopinath 1 1
Oak Lawn (Community) Kathleen Hudson 1 2
Palatine (Fremd) Katherine Lee 4 2
Pekin Matt Spialek 3 3
Proviso East Justin Williams 1 1
Rock Island (H.S.) Sara Maletta 4 3
Toulon (Stark County) Ana Loane 1 3

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Belleville (East)Imman Musa23
Belleville (West)Kara Weisenstein12
Buffalo GroveMichelle Witter12
ByronWhitney Barlow12
CharlestonCorey Schultz11
DeKalbElizabeth Beldon13
Downers Grove NorthMonika Rastogi32
Downers Grove SouthSean Liston11
Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)Austin Smith11
Freeport (H.S.)Adam Moderow41
Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)Kelly Davis13
Glenview (Glenbrook South)Eddie Itkin11
HarrisburgAdam West13
Harvey (Thornton)Cameron Drake22
HeyworthChelsea Wallace11
LincolnJanel Filbeck22
Naperville (Central)Elise Lippmann23
Naperville (Neuqua Valley)Monika Narayen43
Oak Lawn (Community)Roshan Karingada13
Peoria (H.S.)Kristen Krofchik13

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Original Comedy

Belleville (West)Jordan Shavarebi12
BentonJustin Kimball11
Braidwood (Reed-Custer)Lauren Quigley21
Champaign (Centennial)Jordan Taylor23
Crete (C.-Monee)Adrian Garcia42
DeKalbPeter Lindsey11
Downers Grove SouthJustin Matkovich13
Gurnee (Warren)Neel Chemburkar11
Harvey (Thornton)LaRoyce Hawkins21
HuntleyChelsee Barden23
LincolnLindsey Boerma11
Normal (Community)Andy Monson33
Oak Lawn (Community)Rachel Rangel13
Oswego (H.S.)Jessica Orr12
Pearl CityJoseph Cruse32
Stanford (Olympia)Zach Williams32
Wheaton (North)Colin Delaney13
WheelingLyss Remaly12

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Performance in the Round

Team Competitor(s) Reg. Sec.
Belleville (Althoff)   4 2
Belleville (West)   1 1
Bloomington (H.S.)   2 1
Chicago Heights (Marian)   2 2
DeKalb   1 1
Downers Grove South   2 1
Franklin Park-Northlake (Leyden)   1 3
Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)   2 3
Harrisburg   2 3
Huntley   2 2
Lincoln   1 3
Naperville (Central)   3 2
Naperville (Neuqua Valley)   4 3
Normal (Community West)   1 2
Oak Lawn (Community)   2 1
Palatine (Fremd)   1 2
Pearl City   2 2
South Holland (Thornwood)   1 3
Wheaton (North)   1 1

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Prose Reading

Braidwood (Reed-Custer)Bevin Cowie23
ByronKelsey Wild21
CharlestonBen Leddy22
DeKalbGeorgia Hill12
Dolton (Thornridge)Nicole Dandridge22
Downers Grove SouthKyle Akerman11
DuQuoin (H.S.)Dillon Heape21
Flossmoor (Homewood-F.)Caitlin Ho12
Freeport (H.S.)Leslie Eiler23
Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)Devin Dion23
HarrisburgCasey Bishop13
Naperville (Neuqua Valley)Kristin Nehls12
Normal (Community)Natalie Chambers13
Northbrook (Glenbrook North)Hillary Danis42
Oak Lawn (Community)Julianna Hincks32
Orland Park (Sandburg)Elizabeth Ann Sadler11
Pearl CityAnna Ruch13
Peoria (Woodruff)Molly Joyce11
Stanford (Olympia)John Neisler42
Winnetka (New Trier)Francis Austin41

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Radio Speaking

Team Competitor(s) Reg. Sec.
Aurora (Waubonsie Valley) Jared Hall 3 2
Belleville (West) Clayton Sanders 1 1
Carbondale Emily Hughes 3 3
Downers Grove South Jaclyn Bernard 4 1
Eureka Colleen Toliver 3 3
Franklin Park-Northlake (Leyden) Laura Pauletto 1 2
Freeport (H.S.) Cole Krum 1 3
Geneseo Mark Stevens 1 1
Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West) Kyle Frischkorn 2 3
Gurnee (Warren) Alison Trouy 1 2
Johnston City Kaitie Kee 2 2
Lincoln Annie Sheley 1 2
Normal (Community) Preiyaa Gopinath 1 1
Oak Lawn (Community) David Ford 1 1
Palos Hills (Stagg) Kalea Colletta 2 3
Pearl City Katie Quittschreiber 1 2
Schaumburg (H.S.) Mike Banducci 3 3
Wheaton (North) Carly Vendegna 1 1
Wheaton (W. Warrenville South) Leah Hendrickson 3 3

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Special Occasion Speaking

CarbondaleNathan Lee11
Champaign (Centennial)Snigdha Alur21
Chicago (Marist)Rachel Bykowski32
DeKalbJeanine Larson11
Downers Grove NorthSean Kunz33
Downers Grove SouthJaclyn Bernard43
Freeport (H.S.)Joe Schemel12
Glen Ellyn (Glenbard West)David Knaus12
Glenview (Glenbrook South)Eddie Itkin13
Gurnee (Warren)A. J. Aguado11
HarrisburgBlake Sirach21
Harvey (Thornton)Cameron Drake23
Naperville (Central)Adrienne Pedersen22
Normal (University)Clayton Sutter13
Orland Park (Sandburg)Nora Nerius21
PekinMatt Spialek31
RochelleBritt Anderson33
Stanford (Olympia)John Neisler42
Wheaton (North)Dahvede Wood13
Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)Gillian Losh11

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Verse Reading

Belleville (West)Kara Weisenstein13
ByronRyan Bartscher23
CarbondaleBen Ponce31
CharlestonCorey Schultz12
DeKalbBrian Barrow13
Downers Grove SouthGeysha Gonzalez21
Glenview (Glenbrook South)Colleen Skemp13
Gurnee (Warren)A. J. Aguado12
Harvey (Thornton)Jalisa McCottry22
HeyworthColleen Hanten31
LincolnRuth Ohmart23
Naperville (Neuqua Valley)Healy Rodman22
Oak Lawn (Community)Patrick Cooper13
Palatine (H.S.)Ashley Jordan21
Palos Hills (Stagg)Ryan McCarthy31
Pearl CityAlli Williams21
Peoria (Woodruff)Brittany Belt22
Rock Island (H.S.)Garrett Traylor22
Wheaton (W. Warrenville South)Michelle Bikulcius13

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